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Discussion in 'CARDINALS PAGE' started by CardsShark, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Let's put it like this. I have been watching MLB NETWORK and listening to MLB NETWORK SIRIUS RADIO. While I like the staff on both of those shows... I how ever am disgusted with some of my brothers as Cardinals Fans. The Cardinals manager has been getting bashed more then the bash brothers of Oakland could hit homeruns.

    There has been caller after caller wanting the Cardinals Brass to fire Matheny. I am surely not one of those fans if you haven't figured that out.. Matheny is getting blamed for something that isn't in his control. If the guy was using the wrong person in the pen or leaving a starter out to long... Then fine that's on Mike!!!

    However as fans, maybe it is time for the players to be held accountable.. They haven't done anything right and it doesn't matter if you have Joe Torre,Bobby Cox or TLR managing this team.. The chances of them having a winning start to the season would be remot with this team. The Cardinals need to be better with the bat and in the field. That would clean up a lot.. Oh trust me the pitching needs to do something.. Wainwright looks terrible but he would be the one player to tell you that.

    The Cardinals shouldn't or aren't going to fire Matheny.. Some fans think they could do so much better but trust me if it was them out there they would be crying like a bunch of puta's...

    So, in Mike I trust as well as the Cardinal Brass!!!!! Rant over:bitchslap:
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    rather modest to be termed a 'rant' but Ok , hope you're over it

    radio shows attract nutcases, why should we expect sports nuts to be any different?

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