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    Vin Scully Discusses Dodgers New Roster, Upcoming Season
    by Vincent Samperio | Dodgers Nation — 2 minutes ago


    On Friday evening, Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully called his first game of 2015 when the Los Angeles Dodgers took on the San Francisco Giants.

    Scully is back for his 66th season in the booth for the Dodgers and it’s a completely different team than the one from his 65th season. Over the winter, the Dodgers remade their roster behind the new front office with Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi.

    According to JP Hoornstra of the LA Daily News, Scully was quite aware of the changes:

    “I say in all honesty there are more players that I don’t know on this edition than in many years gone by,” he said. “Of course that’s the nature of the game today, a long way from when we had the same infield for eight and a half years.”

    Despite the large amount of changes, the Hall of Famer had an idea that it would happen:

    “I had met Andrew (Friedman) and Farhan (Zaidi), and Josh (Byrnes) I had known before,” he said, “and I knew that basically they were going to change the direction of the team.”

    What makes Scully the best in his department is his attention to detail and ability to find out the backgrounds of the players he talks about. For just about any player that comes to the plate or takes the mound this year, Scully will have a story.

    He doesn’t just know about the players though, as he broke down what will be important to the Dodgers season in 2015:

    “They play 22 of their first 38 games at home,” he said, after digging through his papers a bit to find the properly highlighted passage. “And of those games, only 13 games are against teams with an above-.500 record. And that was their killer last year. So that, to me, I think they’re obligated to have a good start. It would be a good thing to keep an eye on during that stretch: How did they do against those teams that are above .500?”
    No matter what happens, the Dodgers season will be interesting thanks to the man calling the game.​

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